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Fertilizer & Weed Control

Fertilizer Services That Are Hassle Free

Ready to have your lawn upgraded and still have time to spare?  We’re ready to help you with our Fertilizer Services that leave your guests impressed and you able to relax and enjoy your lawn.

Why Fertilizer Is Critical For Your Lawn

As a home or business owner who cares about your lawn, you probably know that fertilizer plays an important role in helping your lawn become healthy, green and lush. Since fertilizer options are almost endless and you can spend hours online researching, you might question whether you need to hire a Fertilizer Specialist like Ranger Lawn Care.

You may consider trying the DIY lawncare method, but there’s many times more to fertlizer treatment than just the bits and pieces of information provided on fertilizing products or even at your local home improvement shop. Truth be told, there’s a lot of  science  and well timed, precision treatments behind this type of lawn service.

All that being said, that is why we believe hiring Ranger Lawn Care is a very smart choice for your lawn.  With our experience in lawn fertilizer services, we can tell you exactly what type of fertilizer your lawn needs, how to apply it (the RIGHT way) and how to time your fertilizer treatments based on your soil, and region of Green Country.

3 Ways that Ranger Lawn Care Fertilizer Services Achieve Your Lawn’s Best Look

Ranger Lawn Care Fertilizer Services are not hap-hazard.  We believe in critical, precision treatments to optimize the look of your lawn.  We deeply understand the fertilizer service and in our opinion any fertilizer treatment involves the following considerations:  The right ingredients, the proper dosage of those ingredients, and precision timing of the treatments.

The Right Ingredients for Your Lawn’s Fertilizer Services

You may already know that lawn fertilizer can come in all kinds of combinations and mixtures, and it can definitely be a little daunting sorting through all the different options out there.  We take our fertilizer mixes very seriously and plan the right mix for each lawn we deal with.  In any lawn fertilizer you’re bound to find three major elements: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Nitrogen provides a healthy green look for your lawn as it grows.

Phosphorus prods that growth and develops your new grass seed.

Potassium strengthens your lawn against disease and helps water retention.

Typically you’ll see these ingredients listed on any bag of fertilizer in a series of three numbers indicating the percentage of each in the mix.

The Proper Amount Of Fertilizer For Your Lawn

You may have found the right fertilizer for your lawn, and even the right schedule, but without the proper amount of fertilizer for your treatments, your lawn will not succeed.  The biggest factor in determining your treatment size is the square footage of your lawn.  It’s critical to have the right amount of fertilizer for your square footage.

The Right Schedule For An Amazing Lawn

The timing for your fertlizer services is just as important as the first two steps of this process. Timing is critical to get your lawn to a healthy state.  At Ranger Lawn Care, we carefully consider the schedule of treatments based on the rate that nitrogen releases from the specific fertilizer mix that your lawn needs.  Lawn grass needs a steady, consistent feeding of nitrogen to produce a lucious green lawn.  Time-released fertilzers deliver the right amounts of nitrogen to produce a great lawn in a minimal amount of time.

Ranger Lawn Care Weed Control and Pre-Emergent Treatment

Weeds are never a welcomed sight for your home.  Even a small amount of weeds in your lawn can keep a lawn from being fully stunning.  With weed control and pre-weeding services by Ranger Lawn Care you won’t have to worry about weeds popping up and can present your lawn with full confidence.

A weed control plan is critical; weeds can damage your yard by competing with healthy grass for moisture, nutrients, light, and space. Proper fertilization, mowing, and irrigation encourage grass to grow quickly and prevent weed growth.

If your lawn is suffering from disease, we’ll fix it. No matter what symptoms your grass may exhibit, our Ranger Lawn Care will provide just the right treatments to help your lawn recover. Never lose hope of a beautiful yard; the remedy to your lawn’s trouble is just a phone call away.  Our team has dealt with many different species of weeds and are familiar with other factors that can invite weeds in your lawn such as the soil and climate conditions.  We combine all of this information to make sure that your lawn looks it’s absolute best.

Our Weed Control Services                                                              

Ranger Lawn Care Weed Control starts with a thurough assessment of your yard.  Our team is made up of years of experience when it comes to different species of weeds and how to deal with them.  We take a look at all surrounding factors, not just the weeds themselves.  Our assessment will include looking at factors like your over all lawn’s health, the soil quality and build, and the growing conditions around your lawn.   All of this information is combined to create a one-of-a-kind weed control treatment plan for your lawn, making sure that we get the result that you should have – a weed free lawn.

Our Lawn Care team will help you treat any type of weed that you need to get rid of.  However these are some of the most common weeds we see in someone’s lawn around Green Country:

dandelion 300

Common Grassy Weeds:  Weeds that like the same conditions your grass does an example of this type of weed would be that pesky crab-grass.

Broadleaf Weeds: The name says it all on these guys.  They have a broader/wider leaf and the most easily recognizable weed of this type would be the dandelion.

Perennial Weeds:  Weeds that keep coming back again and again until they’re dealt with.

Annual Weeds:  They may die at the end of a season, but trust us – they’ll be back!

Preventative Weed Control Services

In our humble opinion, the best type of weed is a dead one.

That’s why we offer preventative weed control plans to make sure that once we get your lawn the way you want it, we can keep it that way for you.   With our preventative weed plans we can make sure that weeds are taken care of before they pop up on your lawn and cause an eye sore.


No matter what lawn care challenge you may be facing, Ranger Lawn Care Services can handle the job. We’ve got a service package for every yard in Tulsa and can help you find the right solution for your yard.

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