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Perimeter Bug Control

Peremiter Bug Control That’s Hassle Free

Tired of having your home invaded by insects?  We’re ready to help you with our Perimeter Bug Control that allows you to not worry about coming accross any unwanted guests in your home.  We’ll secure that perimeter so you can enjoy your home.

Why Perimeter Bug Control Is Important For Your Home and Business

As a home or business owner who cares about your home, you probably know that perimeter bug control plays an important role in helping secure your home or business from an invation of insects.   Since bug control options are almost endless and you can spend hours online researching, you might question whether you need to hire a Perimeter Bug Control Specialist like Ranger Lawn Care.

An infestation of insects can be growing right in the foundation of your home or business and you may not even know it until they make their way into the interior of your structure.

You may consider trying the DIY Perimeter Bug Control method, but there are quite a bit of variables when it comes to the options for insecticides and the different approaches for securing your perimeter.  

All that being said, that is why we believe hiring Ranger Lawn Care is a very smart choice for your perimeter bug control needs.   With our experience in perimeter bug control services, we can establish a strong, protective barrier for your home or business to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any insects invading your structure.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Being Home For Perimeter Treatments

Ranger Lawn Care Fertilizer Services are not hap-hazard.  We believe in critical, precision treatments to optimize protection of your home or business.  We deeply understand the bug control service and best of all, since perimeter treatments take place outside, we can accomplish a perimeter treatment on your home or business even if you’re not there!  You can trust us to treat your home like it is our own.  We take our work very seriously, and look forward to the chance to earn your trust!

The Right Schedule For A Secure Home or Business

The timing for your perimeter bug control services is just as important as the application step of this process. Timing is critical to get your home treated before an infestation occurs.  At Ranger Lawn Care, we carefully investigate to make sure that we do the right treatment for your structure at the right time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking the free estimate button above.  Our staff will be happy to talk to you!


No matter what lawn care challenge you may be facing, Ranger Lawn Care Services can handle the job. We’ve got a service package for every yard in Tulsa and can help you find the right solution for your yard.

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